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the brief

All designed objects, whether conceived by an architect,artist, graphic designer, industrial designer, or landscape architect, tell a story.

Their stories can sometimes be discerned easily, and at other times need to be discovered through thoughtful consideration. The story can be as simple as a metaphor or as complex as a novel.

Just as the adage goes, you can't judge the object (book) by its exterior (cover). The richness of the object is in its content.

Architects are natural storytellers – it’s a process that is inherently built into our creative process and when used properly, it’s one of the very best tools in our tool bag. 

Illustration by Fbaiola Morcillo (1989)

the challenge

Every story or narrative is a series of events tied together into a plot. The key is to display your concept in the most appropriate visual form for the project in question

The Archcember challenge is about telling your story through illustrations (sketches/doodles/paintings or computer generated illustrations and graphics) related to architecture.

• We will give you 1 word every two days and you have to tell us a story through your illustration and an article of 200 words which justifies your concept.

• Not necessarily, but if the illustrations respond to the theme of the contest i.e. Architecture, it would be much more meaningful.

• Your Sketches can narrate stories through functional or explanatory , social, investigative and sarcastic approaches or comic strips

Illustration by Anuj Kale (leewardists)

judging criteria

We know you are an amazing story-teller and all the stories are good in their own way. But we will have to choose the best to announce winners and here are few criteria’s that the jury has framed:

• How well the word has been understood by the participant?

• Originality and creativity – Is the work fundamentally different from existing ideas, sketches or stories

• Interactivity and engagement – Is the story interactive enough to engage the jury and grab their attention

• 60% marks will be given to the illustration and 40% will be awarded for the story considering the points above.

important dates

4 Dec’17 – Start of Competition |29 Dec’17 – End of Competition.

Important dates of every week - 4, 6, 8 | 11, 13, 15 | 18, 20, 22 | 25, 27, 29 Dec’17.

Submissions of entries before 6 PM and Day Winners will be announced at 11PM on every next day respectively. Ex : On 5 Dec before 6 PM, the participants will have to submit their illustrations and at 11 PM, the winners of 4 Dec will be announced and so on.

Week Winners and 3 words for a week will be announced at 11 PM on dates – 10, 17, 24 and 31Dec’17.

15 Jan’18 – Final Result announcements and dispatching of gifts/goodies and Certificates. 

Note: It will not be possible to amend or update any information relating to your registration including the names of team members once validated.
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Eligibility Criteria

Everyone who loves to put their ideas into visual stories