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city hues

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“cities are much like humans, they have their own stories to tell and many faces of evolution”

every city has a story to tell of its history, people, culture, and evolution. from everyday changes to the periodic evolution, a city stands tall facing many changes and witnessing millions of stories.

a park or a beach in the morning where people come for a walk; changes into a marketplace in evenings; to structures built in different periods by different people reflect the evolution of the city and its stories.

even after times change, people gone, technologies evolved – cities are always the part of every story occurred within its confine. few stories are written in the history books and others fade away as time passes by or sometimes completely forgotten.

city hues is a photography competition which ponders on the idea of people, perception, city, and stories being defined by the architecture of the particular place.

the challenge

“every city has a different narrative and most narratives are defined as perceived by people”

city hues is a 4 week long photography competition with an overall 4 submissions, 1 submission every week to be submitted :

1. we will give you 1 word every week and the participants have to submit a photograph with an article of 200 words which justifies your concept related to the word given.

2. the concept of submissions should revolve around the theme of architecture, interior, urban & landscape only.

3. participants can narrate their stories in any form of expressions – philosophical, satirical, investigative, emotional, comic, etc. the story can be imaginary or based on true events & facts, the participants have complete freedom on the narration of it.

4. you can submit multiple pictures supporting the primary (main) photograph along with the story but you will be judged only on the primary photograph.

submission requirements

• the size of the photograph is restricted (10 mb max) and the ratio(4:5) to be followed strictly in portrait or landscape mode.

• participants are free to edit their photographs using any editor. but cannot submit any downloaded or stock images.

• submission details should include - 1. name of the city;  2. place/location in that city;  3. 200 words article. extra multiple photographs can be submitted to support the story.

judging criteria

• 60% marks on the photograph and 40% marks for the article (story). the complete submission will be judged on originality of idea, creativity and interactivity of story-telling and how the story justifies the photograph & engages the jurors & audience.

• strictly use original photographs only. any member found of copyright theft should be ready to bear rigorous consequences.


the registration for the competition is free


anyone from the architecture community or similar fields. (individual participation only)

important dates & details

the word of the day will be announced on every sunday at 5 PM IST given & described by judge of the week

participants will have to submit entries max by every friday 5 PM IST for the given word

winner of the week will be announced on every sunday before 8 PM IST

competition period - 15th september to 6th october 2019

honorary jury panel

Note: It will not be possible to amend or update any information relating to your registration including the names of team members once validated.
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Eligibility Criteria

anyone from the architecture community or similar fields. (individual participation only)