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Expression - Social media designing competition by SqrFactor

PRIZE 12000


Social media has become a part of our lives so much that its presence in art and architecture has taken a new turn. We now see it as much more than a way to connect with other people. It has become a part of our lives and hence of the content we create! In light of this, we present to you our newest competition! We want to see you push the boundaries of social media content, see what it means to be living in an insta-world, and create interactions that are, above all else, enjoyable!

EXPRESSION is a SqrFactor original social media contest!

Topics to choose for making a post:

1. Community Spaces-Post COVID.

2. Architecture adapting to remote work spaces.

3. Open source data in future of architecture.

4. Safety norms and low cost housing.

5. Architecture as means of upliftment for underprivileged.

Learn with us about this social world and how important role it can play in your life. And, then apply those tips and tricks to the competition to get better at it. 

Webinar session link will be provided to the participants.

How are we going to do the selection?

Win prizes and also the chance to join Sqrfactor team. 

Registrations will start from 10/11/2020.


Prizes & Awards

1st Prize
1st Prize - INR 5000
2nd Prize
2nd Prize - INR 3000
3rd Prize
3rd Prize - INR 2000
People's Choice - INR 2000
SqrFactor Team Member
Top 3 "interested participants will be chosen to be on our team".


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