The illustration titled ‘Find your escape velocity’ is an attempt to showcase the analogy between young professionals finding inspiration and courage to break through and a celestial object breaking through the force of earth and finding that escape velocity.

The three different space rockets are indicative of the different layers that compel a person to create content online which are :

1. Reach

2. Validation

3. Collaboration

Reach : Considering the earth as the protagonist i.e ‘Social media network’ and the space stations as the pioneers of the earth who are among the best in what they do (institutions and architects). The first step is to reach out to them and gather them on earth to involve them in the operations to make a statement and become a magnet for the younger generation to join the cause.

Validation : Once the x generation has joined the cause, they are ready for take off. The many layers surrounding the earth are ready to embrace them and help them find the right path that will bring them confidence that they can deliver and conquer.

Collaboration : When they finally find that sweet spot and the confidence they are now ready to breakout of the earths atmosphere and start finding like minded people and contribute for the betterment of the entire earth.

The video further explains the premise that is used for the illustration above.

To be continued...