SRCBFIX_Order in Chaos

In this world of architecture, communication is mostly through critical essays, stunning renders and photographs, and hand-drawn analytical diagrams : ideas are translated into plans, sections, elevations, details.

Rarely is a place simply a place anymore, it is part of the everyday activity —people are snapping photos for Instagram, saving and pinning ideas on Pinterest, voicing their opinions on Twitter, and sharing thoughts on Facebook and these are activities that get shared. Social media is about two-way street, whether positive or negative, it is generating conversation.

An architect has the ability to create content, discuss and share thoughts on the built environment and can influence on a global scale through social media. But how do we align these concepts with the right content on the right platform to reach the followers that matter and building a community that can scale.

Well Bauhaus 2.0 is what we are looking for and it will be the new social media market for our community.