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  • Go to the Home or News Feed page.
  • Select Article from the Post section.
  • Under Title, enter a brief title that defines your article.
  • Under Short Description, type a brief description of what your article is about.
  • Under the below typing space, you can type the whole artitle.
    At every new line(when you click enter, there is an add(+) button that is displayed to the left. You can add Images, YouTube/Vimeo/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram links and click'Enter'
    You can also add one image or multiple images by clicking on the add(+) button.
    To add links to other pages type a text that you want viewers to click on and select the text and click on the hash(#) button on the list of buttons that pop up. Then enter the link you want users to be directed to.
  • Click on Select Banner Image. A new upload box appears.
    Click on Choose a file, browse through your storage, choose an image and select Open.
    The image loads into the cropper. Use the zoom slider and also drag the image to get a desired crop of the selected image. Then click on the Crop button.
  • Note: The Title, The Short Description and The Banner are the only things shown to the viewers on before they open the article.
  • Review the article and click on the Save button

You earn credits by getting maximum views on your article in th first week of its posting. For every 200 views your article gets, you earn $1$. 1 DOLLAR($) = 1 USD

Its simple. Every 200 views equals to 1$. Our algorithm is set on number of views per article in a week with $1 per 200 views.
For example : You publish an article titled "Architecture & Technology" on 4th May'18 (Friday), with 700 views after first week i.e. 11th May'18(in this case), you will earn 3 USDs

Unique Views are the views which are counted by page visits by unique IP Addresses. Generally speaking, it is counted as one view per device and it doesn't increment the view counts, even if you visit a page multiple times from the same device.
Total views are all the page hits or visits you get on a particular page irrespective of repetitive vistits/hits. In our case, we have defined an algorithm which protects spam views such as views increment on refreshing the page and opening the page in particular intervals. Though, visiting a page will increment the count - it will only count definite number of views per device per day.
First Week Views are total views an article gets in its first week.

Visiting a page multiple times will increment the views count but will only save definite number of views per device per day. If you are refreshing your page or visiting the page multiple times in short intervals, your views are not going to increase because we have defined an algorithm to protect such views.

There is no limit to the number of views you can get on the article. But the maximum you can earn is 10$ per article i.e. we pay you maximum upto 2000 views.

The views are counted for every visit on the article page irrespective of whether the user is registered on the platform or not.

No, there is no limit to the number of articles you can post or earn money on.

Publishing designs is a feature for the architects, students, designers to build their portfolio and we are not paying for publishing designs. But, we encourage you to post your designs (built/unbuilt) as it is going to help you when we launch sqrfactor v3.0 for the consumers. write us at with subject sqrfactor v3.0 to know more about it.

You can share your articles by clicking the square(share) button on your article page. You can also share the link directly to share it on any other platform.

You need to have minimum of 10$ to redeem your credits and can redeem them anytime you want by clicking the Redeem button on your credits page.

We take the sum of all the credits earned of the post which have completed one week.
For example: You have posted 3 articles which have completed one week and have got 950, 810 and 700 views - earning 4$, 4$ and 3$ respectively. The total credits that can be redeemed will be : 4$ + 4$ + 3$ = 11$
PS: the minimum amount you can redeem is 10$.
1$ = 1 USD = 0.83 Euro = 66 INR

For Indians, we will transfer the money by Paytm, Google Tez or Bank Transfer.
For Foreign nationals, we will transfer your money through Paypal.
PS: The transcational charges will be beared by you.

Click on your profie picture on the top right corner of the website, you will find Credits listed on the dropdown menu; click on it and visit credits page.
No, you can not see the credits page of other users.

You can post anything related to architecture, interior design, urban planning, landscape architecture and similar fields. From our expereince, the prerequisite to getting your content shared/viewed widely is to write compelling content keeping in mind the audience who are on the platform and who would like to follow you.
Here are few websites which may give you an idea of how you can produce good content: